Nish Weiseth


"Speak," by popular writer and commentator Nish Weiseth, is a book about the power of telling our own stories and hearing those of others to change hearts, build bridges, advocate for good, make disciples with grace, and proclaim God’s kingdom on Earth today. Nish Weiseth exhorts today’s Christians to follow Jesus’ example by using story as a vehicle for change. After all, Jesus was a master storyteller. He frequently and effectively used the art of storytelling to communicate deep truths about God, humanity, love, and eternity to a culture on the brink. His stories defied social norms, revealed God’s Kingdom, and fiercely advocated for the least of these. With examples from Scripture as the foundation, Speak is a call for grace, openness, and vulnerability within the evangelical church. Nish Weiseth encourages those in the Body of Christ to know their own story of transformation and redemption---and to use those stories as a catalyst for change at both a personal and global level.


Some Praise for "Speak"


Jen Hatmaker

NYT Bestselling Author of "For the Love"

“It is a special voice that can lead the next generation of believers from within. One who understands every struggle and disappointment, one who has walked away and come back, one who is both prophetic and compassionate. Nish is unquestionably one of those leaders. Speak is just impossibly hopeful. It tells of a better way, better community, better grace, better story. You nod, you cry, you shout, and ultimately you go still and quiet and whisper, “Lord, here is my life, may it speak of You.”

Glennon Doyle Melton

NYT Bestselling Author of "Love Warrior" and "Carry On Warrior"

“The trouble with “Speak” is that I couldn’t decide whether to keep reading or GO TELL MY STORY TO ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN. I did both. I read SPEAK all the way through and then immediately sat down to write my heart out. Like it or not- this book will inspire you to get on with it already. In “Speak,” Nish gives us permission to believe that we are worthy of the space we occupy, courage to accept that our struggles and stories matter, and hope that all we must to do to free ourselves and others is to SPEAK our hearts.”

Rachel Held Evans

NYT Bestselling Author of "Searching for Sunday" and "A Year of Biblical Womanhood"

“Speak’ is a powerful, honest, bridge-building book that is at once inspiring and practical, brave and wise. With the skill of a master storyteller and the presence of a friend, Nish Weiseth guides us through the holy ground of one another’s stories and invites us to take off our shoes. This is a must-read for anyone who longs to move beyond the division, vitriol, and platitudes that characterize so much of modern dialog and instead engage in the joy and hard work of loving one another well.”