Nish Weiseth


A Year Through the GoPro.

No matter where we go, my husband packs the GoPro. I like to give him a hard time about it sometimes. 

Little did I know, Erik has been capturing some of the most extraordinary, most mundane, most beautiful moments of our life over the last year with the little camera that could. He mostly uses it for footage on all of his skiing, biking and boating excursions, and you'll see a ton of that. It's gone everywhere from the mountains of Utah, the rivers of Oregon, Idaho and Nepal, the streets and roads of Kathmandu, and beyond. 

Every now and then, I post pictures and updates of our everyday life here in the mountain west. It always feels a little boring, a little too normal to be worthy of writing about.

Watching this video is a beautiful reminder that our family lives a truly remarkable life. 



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