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a few notes.

Happy Friday! Just a few items of note from my little corner of the world. 

1. First thing's first... I'm so excited about this. A Deeper Story got a whole new look! Have you seen it yet? It's beautiful. The team over at Cross & Crown did such an impeccable job. Everything is under one roof now, rather than three separate sites. This is going to be awesome for readers. There's also another new little thing happening over there - I'll have a weekly column of my own! Why? Because I'm the boss and I do what I want. 

2. Go download Pharrell's new album, "G.I.R.L.S." And specifically, listen to the song "Come Get It Bae."  MERCY. That beat. *fans self*

3. I gave this place a little facelift, too. Hopefully, it's a bit easier and cleaner to navigate. I also made a page for the books I write. If you click that page, you can see all the nice and wonderful things people have said about "Speak." August 5, hurry up! Don't forget you can preorder your copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and a few other places online. *TV salesman wink face*

4. Can we talk about this? Just for a minute? If this actually happens, I might lose my mind. LOSE MY EVER-LOVING MIND. 

5. I've been running more lately, and a few folks have asked what gear I use. For shoes, do yourself a favor and go visit a local running store and have your feet fitted for the right shoe for you. They'll watch your stride on a treadmill, figure out where the weak spots are in your gait, and fit you accordingly. And don't skimp on the shoes, they're worth the money. But as far as other gear goes, these are my favorite pants and this is my favorite top. These are lightweight, wick moisture, everything stays where it should, and real talk... those pants will make your butt look great. (Don't spend crazy money on Lululemon. Athleta makes great stuff at a much more affordable price point). I also have a Fitbit Flex which tracks my workouts and calories.

6. We bought a new grill a couple of weekends ago, and now I want to grill ALL OF THE FOOD. What are some of your favorite recipes? We're not picky eaters, but we like to keep it easy and simple. I need to shake things up a bit, help me out!

7. A lot of you have asked for a writeup of my experience at the LDS General Conference a few weeks ago. That's on the way, I promise. I've just been so busy lately, that I haven't had time to sit down and type it out. I will soon. Hold me to it!

8. Another music recommendation:  Mindy Gledhill. Go download everything she's ever done. 

9. If you have HBO, don't forget that John Oliver's new show starts on Sunday! 


Have a great weekend!

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