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World Vision: An Update

My dear friends, thank you so much for your support over the last 24 hours. Thank you for sharing my post about keeping kids sponsored and not making them a pawn in some Evangelical culture war. The courage that you've shown and the love you've given has moved me deeply. I'm so grateful that you would stand with me to continue to support kids trapped under the weight of poverty. Thank you. 

For those of you just stepping in, I'll offer a recap: 

Less than 48 hours ago, World Vision's CEO, Rich Stearns announced that World Vision would no longer discriminate against gay folks who are in legally-recognized marriages, thus making them eligible for employment. It was a huge step in what I believe to be the right direction. 

After the announcement, conservative Evangelical leaders went batshit crazy and actually called on believers to pull support from World Vision. Thousands did. Kids were losing sponsorships left and right. 

This is where I stepped in with my post, as a call to Christians to stand with their kids, even if they don't agree with World Vision's new employment standards. Because like HELL I was going to let children lose aid over American Christians' inability to see eye to eye on gay marriage. Not on my damn watch. Hell no. 

Now, less than an hour ago, World Vision has reversed their decision to allow legally-married gay people employment. 

I want to make sure I'm very clear about this: My post yesterday STILL STANDS TRUE. I stand by every word.

Even if I'm now the one who feels betrayed, hurt, and stabbed in the back. My disappointment with World Vision's reversal runs deep. I am devastated for my gay brothers and sisters, my friends, who have been told that they can't serve the needs of kids at World Vision because of their sexual orientation. I'm angry. I'm really fucking angry.

So many of you reached out and sponsored kids because of World Vision's original decision, and I feel the need to say I'm sorry. I feel like you did so under a false pretense of some kind. I'm not sure if it's my responsibility to apologize, but I feel complicit in some way. And to my LGBTQ friends and readers who stepped in and sponsored kids because of this whole fiasco, and now face the horrible reality of the reversal, I'm especially sorry. I'm beyond sorry. I don't really have any other words. Just know that I am with you - I stand with you, I love you and you need to know that YOU ARE VALUED BEYOND MEASURE. 

But, like I said, as pissed, hurt and sad as I am, I'm not going to drop my sponsorship. I'm not going to abandon her. I will continue to support Maria, my sweet girl in Bolivia. And for those of you hurt by the reversal, like I am, I still stand here, encouraging, begging, pleading with you to do the same. Because by withdrawing a sponsorship, we're not punishing the organization, we're punishing a kid.

Let's continue to be a people who prophetically and powerfully choose to love, even in the face of those who choose to discriminate. Let's continue to be a people who point to Christ, Who loved in a way that the world didn't understand. Let's continue to love. Period. Because I have hope that in the end, love always wins. 

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