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The episode wherein my book is available for pre-order and I hide in the bedroom.

I wrote a book.

I mention it from time to time, but I don't really write about it extensively for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that the release date is still so far away - August 5th. That's 8 months from now. It's like I'm birthing a baby again, but without the stretch marks and weird food cravings. It's hard to talk about it and get super excited when there's still plenty of time to wait and a long list of things to do to get ready. 

The second reason being that every time I think about the fact that I wrote a book, and people will actually pay money to buy it, it makes me want to either A) Pass out cold on the floor, B) Throw up, C) Hide in my room and cry, or D) All of the above. I can see you rolling your eyes at me, assuming that I'm just being dramatic. But, let it be known that I thought about the book release in the shower yesterday and I suddenly got very nauseous. I had to get out of the shower. And no, the water was not too hot. 

It's been fun to talk about the small victories here and there - Oh, look, the manuscript is finished! We have a cover! The content edits are done! We have a release date! Those little milestones have been worthy of excitement and celebration. I smile and think winsomely, "Wow, this is really happening!" Then I skip along through the rest of my day, not thinking anything of it. It's all been a pretty idea up to this point. Not really tangible, nothing entirely to show for it.

It's all fun and games until your book shows up on Amazon

Hang on, I might throw up...


... okay, I'm good. 


There it is. The book. The cover is really awesome, isn't it? I love it. I love how it looks like an old, worn book or journal. Like it's seen a lot of years, a lot of pain and beauty. A well-read story. 

And a fun little fact for you - the handwriting for my name on the book is actually my own. I signed my name with a Sharpie in somewhat-legible script and scanned it to the brilliant team at Zondervan, and they plugged it onto the cover of the book. Pretty sweet, huh? I love that personal touch. 

And yes, Shauna Niequist is writing the foreword for my book. THE Shauna Niequist. The brilliant, lovely, funny, incredible, gracious Shauna Niequist. The author of Cold Tangerines, Bittersweet, and Bread & Wine, Shauna Niequist. Someone slap me before I go overboard on my Shauna Niequist Fangirl status. I'm thrilled that she's writing the foreword - as one of my favorite storytellers, I couldn't think of a better fit. 

So, you can now pre-order my book, "Speak: How Your Story Can Change the World," on Amazon. I can't believe I just typed that sentence, but there you go. I wrote a book, you can buy it, and it'll be released in August.  

This is probably the last you'll hear me talk about it for a while, since there's still so much time to wait until its release. And as terrified as I am for you to read it, I want to share it with you, because I believe so strongly in the message of this book. I truly believe that your story - the way God has moved you, changed you, transformed you, carried you throughout your life - can change the world. You don't need to be a big-time speaker or pastor. You don't need to have a crazy and profound conversion story. You don't need to be living a wild, adventurous life overseas. I believe that, no matter what you've done, what you're doing, or what you will do, God is radically shaping you to be more like Jesus through your faithfulness. And THAT story is the one worth sharing. 

So, thanks for being excited for me and excited about the book. I'm thrilled. I'm terrified. 

I'm gonna pass out. 

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