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Peace Amid Chaos: My Word for 2014

We didn't stay up late on purpose last night.

Salt Lake City loves its fireworks and much to our dismay, we have a dog that is terrified of them. He barks incessantly at every pop and crackle, so we were awake until it all died down just after midnight.

Then, at 5:00am, Rowan woke up, turned on the lights in his bedroom & hallway, incidentally waking his sister, and hollered for mama (even though getting up is difficult, I still love that he's finally calling for me by name. That's a new development in the last month.) I trudged upstairs, thinking it was just another night of getting used to his new bed, but felt unbelievable heat radiating from his tiny body as I picked him up and carried him downstairs. As I thought, he had a very high fever. So, I pinned him down to give him a dose of medicine (he doesn't take it willingly), offered him some liquids and let him curl up next to me in our bed while Erik fed Scout her bottle & snuggled her back to sleep, until she woke again at 8am this morning to start the day. 

ALL THE COFFEE belongs to the Weiseth house this first day of 2014. 

As I sit here at the kitchen table with my coffee beside me, looking out onto the landscape of 2014 ahead of us, I can't help but smile. The start of this year is already a little chaotic and tiresome, and we're only eleven hours in... which is only further confirmation that I picked the right word for the year. 

2014 looks like it's going to be a wild year.

A book release in the fall. Rowan finishing his first year of preschool, starting some new therapies, then starting his second year of preschool (5 day, full day, praise the Lord, amen). The chaos of summer. New adventures and unknowns for Erik. Writing a manuscript for my second book. Chasing after Scout. Living in a house in the city with two men, two children, three dogs and a partridge in a pear tree, hallelujah, holy shit, pass the Tylenol. 

It's going to be a wonderful year, without a doubt. But it will be chaotic and busy and fast-paced. 

And so, my goal for 2014 is to bring peace in the midst of the chaos. 

I hope to bring peace to my home. That our house would be a place where my kids feel safe, loved, and free. That our house would be a place where my husband can rest, enjoy and work. That our house would be a place where others feel welcomed, restored, and calm. That our house would be all of those things for me. 

I hope to bring peace to my kids. That transitions would be easier, that they wouldn't feel rushed or hurried. I hope they would know they are loved, that they can be who they are and that we delight in them. 

I hope to bring peace to my marriage. So often, I feel like Erik and I are constantly moving from one thing to another in our lives, just trying to make it through another day with the kids. We don't take much time for each other. Date nights are few and far between. This year, I want to bring peace to our union, and I want to be a person that eases the stresses of Erik's life, not contributes to it. 

I hope to bring peace to my body. To take care of it, nourish it with healthier foods, keep it in better shape. I don't have any weight loss goals or anything, I just want to be at peace with my body, and it starts with taking better care of it. 

I hope to bring peace to my spiritual and emotional health. To spend more time in prayer and contemplation. To take a small amount of time for myself every week, away from the kids, to rejuvenate and reenergize. To read more books and watch less TV. To be mindful of what I'm listening to, reading, and engaging. To get outside more. To be better about going to counseling. To invest in my church and house church more. To make stronger, more steady friendships with women in SLC. 

I hope to bring peace in 2014. Restoration and love throughout the fibers of my life. Balance and oneness. 


That's my word for 2014.

In spite of the chaos... or maybe even because of the chaos... I hope to restore and maintain Shalom in my life. It's a challenge, there's no doubt about that. I have no illusions that maintaining peace in my life will be difficult. But, I think it's worth seeking. My desire is always to be a person of peace, a peacemaker. I have no hope of bringing peace anywhere else in the world if I don't start with myself, first. 

So, here's to 2014. May we love big, walk bravely, and speak truth. And may we seek peace, balance, and Shalom. 

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