Nish Weiseth


promises, promises.

If you asked me right after Scout was born whether or not we would be having any more kids, I promised you that we were done. I promised you that two was enough, that I've reached my maximum capacity for both love and chaos.

But now, looking at this picture, I'd have to apologize because I'm not sure it's a promise I can keep.


What is it about men holding babies? It took a lot of self-control to not move the baby to her crib and pounce my husband right there, because in my mind, there's nothing sexier than him holding and cradling a small human with that kind of gentleness and care. 

A huge part of me is pretty sure we're done having kids, at least biological ones.  With one boy and one girl, it feels well-rounded and complete. We're able to stay in man-to-man defense and I know as soon as you move from two kids to three (or more), you move to zone defense and all of a sudden you're looking at minivans to get everyone from Point A to Point B and everywhere in between. I grew up with two brothers, so there were three of us altogether. Three feels normal, to be sure, but two feels full.

I never imagined I'd have any interest in raising a large family. But for some reason, there's something appealing about having a houseful of children. Maybe it's because I've always been drawn to chaos and I love a good challenge, I'm not sure.

So are we done having kids? Probably. But, I'm not going to make any promises.

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