Nish Weiseth



I'm overloaded.

I gave birth to my second kid about 2 months ago. I'm never caught up on laundry. I took up running. I've got about four different books I need to read. I keep tripping on Matchbox cars. I gave up all beverages but water for Lent. My house is a mess. The dogs keep barking. Could someone make my bed for me? I have approximately 6,934,417 emails to get through, and about half of them needed immediate attention about a month ago. I need to get Rowan enrolled in special-ed preschool. I need coffee. And ideas for dinner tonight. Crap, I forgot to wash baby bottles. I need to start sketching out the next chapter of this book. I also need to buy a plane ticket to Dallas... but I might need to rob a bank to afford it. Hang on, let me check my phone...

Facebook messages. Facebook comments. Someone mentioned me in a comment. Another friend request. Another calendar invite. Oh, look someone else had their baby. Another Facebook message. Let me just type them back really quick...

Scout looks so cute, let me Instagram her face.

Totally need to Tweet and Facebook that picture.

@ replies... "She's so cute!"  "Look at all that hair!"

Someone liked my picture on Instagram. So and so commented on my picture.

Another Facebook message. Let me just type them back really quick...

What do you mean it's been 30 minutes since I picked up my phone? It's time for dinner already? Damn, I still need to walk to the grocery store. What do you want to do for dinner, babe?


It's time for me to detox.


Step back.

I need to get things done around my house and I need to play with my kid more. I need to quit stalling on putting away the laundry. I need to take care of my health and pound my feet on the pavement. I need to write - REALLY write. I need to pick up my real camera and quit screwing around with the crappy camera on my phone. I need to quit talking about all the things I need to do and just go do them. I need to stop being a voyeur into the lives of others and get busy living my own.



So, I've deleted Twitter and Facebook off my iPhone. I'm considering shutting down Facebook completely. I'm picking up one of those four books and reading while I feed my baby, instead of cruising blogs and surfing the web mindlessly.

I'm not the only one, either. Kristen Chase wrote about it just the other day and my dear friend Laura wrote about it last month. Both of them deleted Facebook from their phones and Kristen deleted Instagram while she was at it, too. I feel like we're all on Internet Sensory Overload lately... our minds and eyes pulled away by distractions on little screens. I find myself checking my phone impulsively, without even thinking about what I'm doing. I just tap that little icon and away my mind goes...

I'm done. I'm done being distracted from living my life. I need to regain my footing, remember what's important. I need to look people in the eye and hear their voices. I don't need to read status updates.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a book to read and a baby to snuggle.