Nish Weiseth


you say goodbye, i say hello.

It's hard to believe that the turn of the New Year came and went already. It's weird how it happens - you blink and one whole year is behind you, and another is laid out in front of you, wide open with possibility and promise. The week leading up to New Years was an eventful one around here. We hosted my side of the family for Christmas, which was such an incredible time for everyone. The last time my parents, brothers and I were all together was when my youngest brother was in the ICU. In a lot of ways, Christmas was very healing for us... a calm, beautiful time to just be together. My mom cooked up a storm, we ate like royalty, and my parents spoiled us all rotten. We opened gifts, played with new toys and drank homemade hot cider spiked with good whiskey. Rowan made out like a bandit with new toy cars and trucks, a good set of wood blocks, and a bead maze - by far his favorite gift. It was so fun to see him play and count and explore. I pulled out my camera and Rowan all of a sudden wanted to jump in front of it at every chance. He's turned into quite a little joker!




Throughout the week of Christmas, I waited. Horribly pregnant, my due date slowly arrived and I sat impatiently waiting for labor to start. It didn't, so I just resolved that this baby would never really come. I was pretty secure in my thinking that I was going to be pregnant for all eternity.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning on the 28th, I went into labor & gave birth to our beautiful daughter. She is everything I imagined her to be and more, and we are so smitten with the little peanut. Let me introduce you to her.

IMG_4518 copy



I won't be sharing her birth story here - it's something that I'd like to keep for myself, my husband and for Scout. I will say that it was an unbelievably remarkable, powerful, and holy experience, and I'm so overwhelmed by God's goodness.

We brought her home after a night at the hospital and introduced her to our chaotic life at the house. She's really taken it in stride and not much phases her at all. We're all tired and lacking sleep, Rowan is slowly adjusting to her in his own time, but we're thrilled that she's here with us and our family feels perfectly full.



And so, we say goodbye to 2012 - my Year of Yes, which was an incredible year of joy and adventure. But, we say hello to 2013, we say hello to Scout and we say hello to a new year full of new life, gratitude, & savouring every moment. Tomorrow, I'll be revealing my One Word for the year & I can't wait share it with you. In the meantime, I wish you a very happy New Year and I hope your holiday was merry and bright.