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I'm so excited to be linking up with my favorite people to offer you great gift ideas for those on your holiday shopping lists. Everything from eco-friendly gifts to ideas for the wine-lover, there's something for everyone on one of these lists! Our little family loves the outdoors, traveling and going on adventures... it's what we love and it's what we do best.

But, when it comes to finding gifts for people with our hobbies, we know it's hard to come up with ideas. A lot of the gear is expensive, or there's simply too many options. So, I'm here to help you out! I have thirteen items on my list for the adventurous people in your life and the gifts are wide-ranging in price!


1. ThermaRest Couple Kit - Ever been camping with your significant other? You know how you both have your sleeping pads together, but one of you ends up falling in the gap between in the middle of the night? Not anymore. This handy strap kit links your ThermaRest sleep pads together so that you can snuggle comfortably.

2. Rite in the Rain Journals - A waterproof journal? Pages and all! Perfect, durable and tough for long camping trips and adventures.

3. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle - We sell these in the retail store of the rafting business. They are the absolute best water bottles we've ever used! You can fill it full of ice water, leave it closed in a 100 degree parking lot for 12 hours and at the end of the day, the ice will still be there.

4. Bananagrams - A fun family game that's easy to throw into your pack when you're camping. It's like Scrabble, but on speed.

5. Leatherman Multitool - This is our favorite all-in-one pocket tool. Everything from a screwdriver to a bottle opener is on this thing and it's priceless in camp.

6. Mountain Hardwear Hunker Down Booties - It's like a down jacket for your feet!

7. GoPro Hero3 HD Camera - This is a big-ticket item, but it's one of the hottest items in the outdoor industry. You can mount this small camera anywhere - on the front of a raft, on top of a helmet, on a ski pole - the options are endless for creating state-of-the-art action videos.

8. SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger - This is an item that is a bit near and dear to my heart. My husband has the SPOT locator - it hooks into his GPS when he's out in the backcountry, either skiing or climbing mountains. If he's ever in need of help but out of cell phone range, he's able to send me a message with his exact coordinates, and he's also able to send a distress signal for emergency search & rescue. When you have someone in your life that pushes limits & takes risks with their outdoor activities, this is a great tool.

9. Acorn Kadabra Kids Slipper - Easy on, easy off, durable, super warm and really cute! What more could you ask for in a kids slipper?

10. Lego Darth Vader Headlamp - Its a headlamp. For your kid. That looks like a Lego Darth Vader. The end.

11. GoCrib Portable Travel Crib - Lighter and easier to carry than the classic Pack N' Play, this is a fantastic gift for those families with babies who still want to go camping. Keeps babies safe, enclosed and protected from bugs.

12. Double Shot Travel French Press Mug - Fresh, french press coffee in your own personal mug? A separate compartment in the base so you can make a second batch? Stainless steel & tough as nails? Sold.

13. Strider PREbike Balance Bike - This is probably the best gift we've received for Rowan. It's small, easy to take to the campground, to the park, or just on a walk down the street - the balance bike idea is brilliant. The idea is that your child would learn to keep their balance on this bike and go straight from a Strider bike to a pedal bike without the training wheels step in between. Rowan LOVES his Strider bike & has figured out how to ride it at about 80mph (and terrify his mother). It's incredibly fun to watch him cruise the neighborhood on this guy, and we're pretty sure he'll be ready for a "big boy" bike this summer.


I hope these give you some ideas for the adventurous people in your life! Click through the links below to see a ton of other gift ideas from my friends around the blogosphere.

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