Nish Weiseth


my tips to getting fabulous hair.

In the last month, I have been complimented on the status of my hair more than I have in all of my years of living. And yesterday, I snapped a quick photo on Instagram after I got it trimmed and styled - people were FAR more excited about my hair than the picture of the James Bond poster I shared only a few hours later. I started thinking about all the things I do to keep my hair looking the way it does, and I thought... I should probably share the knowledge I have, so that others might be able to have hair like mine. So, without further ado, I'm going to share all of the things I do to keep my hair looking the way it does.


1. Get Pregnant.  Seriously. If there's one thing that's been great for my hair, it's growing a human. They say prenatal vitamins help even more. My hair has never been thicker, longer or healthier than in the last 7-8 months. So, you want great hair? Easy! Get knocked up.

2. Only wash it a few times a week.  True story. I don't shower every day, especially in the warmer months. I just throw my hair up into a ponytail, throw on some extra deodorant, change my clothes and call it good. I'm showering more lately, since I'm trying to put some more effort into my appearance, but even if I shower, I don't always wash my hair. Because honestly... WHO has the time to wash their hair every time they shower?! Or even more accurately... WHO has the time to SHOWER?! You want fabulous hair? Get lazy! Don't wash it!

3. Don't get it cut for 9 months.  Yep! You heard me right. Don't cut it. Don't trim it. Don't you dare sit your butt in a salon chair for at LEAST nine months. You gotta let it grow good & long & ratty for it to really work. That's what I did, and it seemed to work for me! The last time I got a hair cut was early March... before we moved to Oregon for the summer. And living in a small town in southern Oregon, I don't trust any of those people with cutting my hair. Not to mention, it's rafting season, so WHO has time to get their hair cut?! And WHY?! You want fabulous hair? Don't cut it! Ever!

4. For great color, let those highlights grow out for a year and a half.  This is actually a really hot trend in hair color right now... it's called Ombré - where the top half of your hair is dark, and it gradually gets lighter as you move toward the ends. Rumor is, you can totally pay to get this done. Or, you can just let those highlights grow out over the course of 1.5 years and it ends up being a GREAT long-term investment! Combine it with Tip #3, and you're a total frugal hair fashionista. You want fabulous hair? Ignore those roots! Embrace them! Let 'em grow nice and long.

5. When you finally get your hair cut, pay a decent amount at a good salon, then Instagram a picture of your perfectly-styled hair in the car before you go home and try to peel your toddler off one of the dogs. I don't get my hair cut often (as mentioned above). But when I do, I pay good money to get it done well. My stylist, Chelsea, is amazing - my cuts are always perfect and she styles it in a way that makes me feel like a supermodel. You want fabulous hair? Don't be cheap, cough up the cash and get it done right. (But not often, remember the 9 month rule!)


So, obviously, this is a total load of crap. Don't follow any of those steps (ESPECIALLY TIP #1). I honestly don't cut my hair but every 6-9 months because of time & cost, I don't wash it often because of time, I definitely don't color it because of cost and I'm lucky that pregnancy does great things for my hair.

But on the days that I actually do take care of my hair, I absolutely swear by one product and one product alone: Aveda's Daily Damage Remedy. You put this on wet hair before you use any kind of heat. It protects your hair and keeps it from breaking. Good stuff.


Now that I am starting to take care of my hair more and put more effort into my appearance, I'd love to know what your tips are for keeping your hair healthy and well-styled. Have any to share? Leave them in the comments!