Nish Weiseth


all at once.

Oh, hey there! Miss me? Sorry I've been absent... as it turns out, it's a little difficult to find time to blog when you have a three year old who wants you to do ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME, and at the same time, you are horribly & largely pregnant. So, when it's evening & the kid is in bed, I usually have no energy to sit and do anything except watch Hell on Wheels on Netflix and pass out dramatically in my bed. Anyhoo.

Do you ever have those seasons of life where you look at everything happening around you, and ask yourself, "How in the deuce did all of this happen at once?" 

Yes? No? Bueller?

That's where I've found myself lately. We're in an exciting point in the book process, but it's taking my ability to focus on much else. I've officially entered into the ninth month of my pregnancy, and according to the midwife, I could go into labor at any moment (more on my cervix later), but I could also keep waiting through the Advent season for this baby's arrival. We're charging forward with Rowan's therapy and getting him squared away with special needs services before the baby arrives. We just blew through Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner. I have no idea what to get everyone and I'm tempted to just say, "Look, I made a baby & added it to the family! Merry Christmas!" And let that be that. We're up to our eyeballs in community here in SLC, hosting folks for dinner, meeting for coffees, and just enjoying our people... which, out of everything else going on, is my favorite of all.

So, while it's not a long list, it's a big list. The book process, birthing a baby, holidays, special-needs requirements, community and everyday life. It always happens at once. Feast or famine, I guess. 

Now I said I'd talk more about my cervix, and I am a woman who keeps her word. A little pregnancy update! I hit 36 weeks yesterday, officially. I visited with my midwife this week, and after having off and on contractions over the last week, along with Braxton Hicks all day long every day, she gave me an exam and the results were surprising. I'm about 3cm dilated already, and 75% effaced. She told me that I could stay like this for a long while and I could even have a late delivery, or I could go into labor at any given moment and it wouldn't surprise anyone. *blink - blank stare - blink*  So, you know, that's super helpful.

Because I could honestly go into labor at any moment, I took a serious look at the house and realized that I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for this baby. I mean, NOTHING. I think that's the problem with subsequent kids after your first. The first one is so exciting, you're over-prepared because you have no clue what the hell you're doing, you start gathering baby things throughout the nine months of your pregnancy and you have every detail planned out, right down to the placement of your burp cloths in the nursery. Then you get pregnant with your second baby, and you sorta shrug your shoulders and think, "Meh. This ain't my first rodeo," and you manage to be nonchalant & cavalier about the whole thing until you get that first contraction and you think "Ah, crap," when you realize your laid-back attitude was cute for only a short while. Now you're nine months pregnant, hauling baby crap out of the basement and frantically doing 8 loads of laundry in 24 hours.

Until last weekend, our friends still had our infant car seat and Ergo carrier, I had no clothes washed and ready for her to wear, Rowan is still sleeping in the crib (which is now converted into a toddler bed), and every baby item we had was in boxes in the basement. So over the last few days, I've been washing, folding and organizing baby clothes, pulling out all the burp cloths and bottles, putting the changing pad on the dresser, packing the hospital bag and timing contractions. I feel a little more prepared than I did on Monday, but I still have a lot to do.

Speaking of a lot to do, who's started their Christmas shopping already? I haven't tackled my list yet, but I'm starting to get some good ideas for the loved ones in my life. As you probably know by now, Erik and I are relatively adventurous people. Hiking, rafting, skiing, camping, climbing, kayaking, and trying new things are all pretty normal activities for us. So, I thought I'd put together a good, well-rounded Christmas gift list for those of you who have adventurous people in your lives. I'll be joining in with my good friends below on Tuesday, offering up our favorite gift items for a wide variety of people! So, keep your eyes open for that.


I wanted to make sure to thank everyone who has emailed, texted, messaged and Facebooked me over the last few weeks, asking about Rowan's progress and offering up advice and encouragement. We're still in the beginning stages of understanding the obstacles he's up against, so I won't say much yet. We're working hard with an amazing clinic & our pediatrician to get him the therapy he needs, and hopefully soon, he'll be in preschool to start working on his social & comprehension issues. He's such a sweet, wild little boy & we're already so proud of the progress he's making on his own, and we can't wait to see the progress he'll make over the course of his therapy plan. Anyway, thanks for the notes of encouragement. When you become a mom, you never envision yourself being the mom of a kid with special needs... but here I am, in the thick of it, and I'm really grateful to have so many parents come alongside us in the journey.

Well, that's about it around here. For now, I'm gonna go make some hot chocolate & knit by the Christmas tree.

Have a great weekend!