Nish Weiseth


the start of a life list.

Do you have a life list? You know... the list of 100 things you'd like to do or accomplish in your lifetime? I do. I'm perpetually in the process of adding things to mine (I'm a dreamer, what can I say?), so I'm not sure it will ever be complete. I think we should keep adding things as we change and grow... it makes it more exciting. And, there are things we'll never have control over, but I say we should add them anyway. If we're not full of hope, then what's the point?


Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share my life list with you. I think I'll link to it in the sidebar, to keep a visible reminder to myself to keep going after it.


1. Achieve dual citizenship. US and UK.

2. Drink a Guiness in Dublin.

3. Write a book, get it published.

4. Watch my kids get married.

5. Get a Masters degree. In something.

6. Go to Croatia.

7. Attend Mass at the Vatican.

8. Learn how to sew.

9. Trace my family's geneology.

10. Grow food in my own garden. Including grapes.

11. Know my neighbors well enough that it's not awkward to invite them to dinner.

12. Learn how to bake a perfect apple pie.

13. Go vegan for a month.

14. Get into road biking for a while. Ride a century.

15. Go to a World Cup soccer game.

16. Live in either the Caribbean or the South Pacific for a season.

17. Own an original piece of art and hang it in our house.

18. Hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

19. Eat real Chicago pizza.

20. Remodel part of a house myself.

21. Go to New Zealand.

22. Shoot a gun.

23. Become a columnist for a newspaper or magazine.

24. Read the Bible cover to cover.

25. Go to a U2 concert.

26. Visit the UN.

27. Learn a language well enough to be able to translate effectively.

28. Attend a lecture at Harvard.

29. Visit the Eagle & Child, the pub were CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien used to meet.

30. Start my own business.

31. Drink wine in Italian wine country.

32. Own a hot tub.

33. Get into a food fight.

34. Learn how to roast coffee.

35. Learn how to make wine.

36. Knit a baby blanket for a baby of my own.

37. Learn how to play chess well enough to beat my husband.

38. Stay at a monastery or convent.

39. See a prize-winning movie at Sundance.

40. Read Harry Potter with my kids.

41. Learn how to bake 10 different types of bread.

42. Write in a journal every day, for one year. No cheating or skipping.

43. Help decorate a wedding cake.

44. Attend the birth of a child that's not my own.

45. Be a bridesmaid.

46. Visit South America.

47. Attend a Presidential debate.

48. Make my own jewelry.

49. Live debt-free.

50. Learn how to take really, really great pictures.

51. Create a recipe of my own. Something totally unique.

52. Meet Jon Stewart.

53. Make sure my kids have proper manners.

54. Plant tulips in my yard.

55. Give up drinking soda.

56. Own a front-porch swing.

57. Have a picnic in Central Park.

58. Do a White House tour.

59. Watch my kids graduate high school.

60. Watch my kids graduate college.

61. Watch my kids become parents.

62. Visit a movie set.

63. Hire a housekeeper.

64. Raft through the Grand Canyon.

65. Learn how to make raspberry jam.

66. Hold a snake without crying.

67. Play an entire game of Monopoly, start to finish.

68. Visit Pixar studios.

69. Drive through all the canyons in Utah.

70. Stand inside a Redwood tree.

71. Take my kids on their first roller coaster ride.

72. Go to Israel and visit all the holy sites.

73. Get my picture taken in front of Jane Austen's house.

74. Eat a Bobby Flay burger, cooked by Bobby Flay.

75. Sit on the 50 yard line at a Denver Broncos game.

76. Learn how to drive a motorcycle.

78. Learn how to make good flour tortillas.

79. Catch a steelhead with a fly rod.

80. Stay at the Plaza Hotel in NYC.

81. Take pictures in Central Park.

82. Own a trampoline.

83. Ride The Eye of London.

84. Kiss Erik in Paris.

85. Pet a dolphin.

86. Go apple picking.

87. Cut a huge check to charity.

88. Throw an awesome birthday party for each of my kids.

89. Make pasta from scratch.

90. Visit Istanbul.

91. If my kid wants to get a tattoo, be the one to take them.

92. Subscribe to the New York Times.

93. Get Erik to make a life-list and help him check things off.

94. Learn how to play the banjo.

95. Buy a really expensive bottle of wine and share it with Erik the same day.

96. Become great at yoga.

97. Make a living as a writer.

98. Find the perfect pair of jeans & buy them, no matter the cost.

99. Deliver a keynote speech.

100. Own a first-edition book. Some sort of classic.