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the saturday link share. volume 2.

Happy Saturday, campers! It's been a busy week around here. We had 40 high school students and leaders in town for a camping/rafting/adventure extravaganza trip, I've been working (and finishing!) my sample chapters to send to my agent, and trying my best to be a decent mom in the midst of it. My parents arrive tomorrow afternoon, so I'm running errands and cleaning the house a bit today.


Lots of good things on the web this week. Here's some stuff worth looking at:

Christian Women Today: Part One and Part Two (of a 4-part series, finishing this week) from The Barna Group - This is a fascinating research and very accurate depiction of women within the context of Christianity in America. Complete with helpful infographics, it's a must-read for everyone. I found myself nodding a lot, and being stunned by some of the statistics.

Joanna Brooks on The Daily Show - Joanna is a blogging acquaintance of mine, a progressive Mormon living in San Diego. She recently wrote a book called, "The Book of Mormon Girl," and it's a really, really fascinating story of her growing up in a traditional LDS household, her adoption of progressive ideology within the faith as a young woman, and how she now reconciles that faith with the current state of the LDS church. She's a fantastic writer and her book is worth the read. She appeared on The Daily Show to talk to Jon Stewart about the book. This is the full, extended interview.

10 Ways to Be a Happer Mom  by Ann Voskamp - Simple reminders as we run through the ins and outs of mothering every day.

A Corner on God's Goodness by Amber Haines - Nobody writes like Amber. Nobody.

In which I tell you about my two (yes, two) book deal by Sarah Bessey.  This book that she's writing? Jesus Feminist? It's going to be a game-changer. Go celebrate her news!


From me this week:

about a girl.  -  where I tell you about my fears of having a little girl.

mumford & worship. -  where I talk about how Mumford & Sons writes some of the best worship songs we've heard in years.

the start of a life list. - this is where I share all the things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. a list of 100 items!