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the saturday link share.

First of all, I wanted to take a second and thank you all for your encouragement, support and prayers this week. When I wrote about Rowan's delays, his upcoming evaluation, and my fears, I was not expecting that outpouring of love. The thing I loved most, were the comments and emails from moms who have been there, or are currently in the same boat. I don't think its healthy to parent on an island... and traveling down the road of special needs parenting makes it even more urgent for us to reach out and encourage each other. So, thanks for doing that and offering solidarity. I'm so grateful.  


I consume a lot of media during the week. Blogs, news articles, videos, photos, editorials... you name it. Some of it is crap, but some of it is awesome and worth sharing. I'm gonna try to share some of those on Saturdays. It's a nice way to round out the week. In the comments, I'd LOVE to hear what you found interesting during the week... so we'll share with each other, ok?

Okay. Good.


Create Before You Consume - Tsh Oxenrider at Babble. Fantastic advice for writers and bloggers.

When You Need an Answer to Prayers - Ann ministers to so many of us with her words. The simplicity of of truth in this post spoke to me at just the right time.

In which it's business as usual - My friend Sarah vividly explains the tension of wanting to help, but feeling comfortable.

The Feeding Tube - My dear friend Amber's littlest son, Titus, is going through a really rough time. I share this so you might drop her a note and encourage her today.

Simple Design - Have you checked out the new channel over at Simple Media yet? It's Simple Design and it's SO lovely. Such great ideas for home, fashion and thrifting. I'm a fan.

Stop Victim Shaming - Heather Spohr at Babble. An imperative read as we engage the shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

The Daily Show, Monday, July 16th - Jon Stewart returns from break with a vengeance & takes Mitt Romney to task over not releasing his tax returns.


From Me:

Summer outdoor essentials for babies and toddlers - I'm a contributor over at Simple Mom and my post on Monday was all about the necessities you'll need to take your littles out into the wild.

when things look different - My first time really writing about Rowan & his developmental delays.

i hate sitting in the dark - some observations I made about social media in the wake of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting.


What about you? What'd you find this week?