Nish Weiseth


moving to oregon: episode three.

It appears that we have moved back to Oregon again for the summer. It feels a little surreal to me that we're actually doing this for the third time (since I swore last year "Never again!"). But, I guess there are worse things than moving out of the Utah desert and into the southern Oregon river country for four months. Definitely worse things. I mean, seriously. this is what we do on our days off:

Life doesn't exactly suck here.

Anyway, I've been spending the last week moving, unpacking and settling. I've been cooking for the 3 and a half men in who currently live in this house. I've been trying to get the three dogs here to get along. I've been walking to the park, battling Rogue valley allergies, and putting vanilla syrup into my coffee.

We also moved Rowan to an actual bed (which is really just his crib mattress on the floor), so that's been a journey in its own right. I've been setting up utilities, driving to the grocery store, and floating the river. I've also been getting weird sunburn spots because I'm not exactly thorough with sunscreen application.

Yesterday we grabbed Rowan and one of the rafts (the bonus of running a rafting business), and took to a calm section of the Rogue for the afternoon. It was so luxurious to float in the sun, get splashed a little, watch Rowan point at all the exciting things to see, and just spend time together as a family. Those moments are so rare for us - where we just rest and play together.

Hubster and I dream bigger when we float the river. We talked yesterday about our off seasons, and what it would be like to move to the Caribbean for a winter or two. Rent some hut on the beach in the British Virgin Islands for 8 months and watch our kids play in the sand & I'd sit in the sun & write. Or maybe France or Italy - rent some flat in an old European city and travel by train and eat amazing food & take our kids to see the world.

It's fun to dream with that guy. He's always there to remind me that we can do anything, if we just have the guts to pull the trigger. The only thing that stops us is fear.


Speaking of fear (and totally jumping topics - sorry - my blog, my rules), my book proposal is currently in the hands of my lovely agent. Which is terrifying to know that it's done. I actually told her it felt a little like handing over my first-born.

Now that the formal proposal is finished, I'm in the process of desperately scratching out writing the sample chapters that will accompany the proposal. Other than finding time to write, I'm learning that writing the actual content is easier in some ways - more difficult in others. I feel like I'm on such a steep learning curve with book writing, and I'm trying to give myself grace in the process - it's hard writing a book when you're a mom to a toddler, coming out of the first trimester with your second kid, you just moved for the summer and the weather is too gorgeous to sit in front of the computer - let alone writing a book for the very first time. I think this process has taught me more about my own creative strengths and liabilities than anything else, and I'm trying to remember that I just need to give myself grace and forgiveness when I stumble and mess up.


So, that's the latest around here. What's new with you?