Nish Weiseth


what i would really like to write.

I'd really like to write about the whole Ann Romney/Hilary Rosen/Stay-at-Home Mom vs. Working Mom debate, and how I think the entire thing is completely ridiculous and how it's a fabricated debate constructed to score political points, and also, how I could not give a crap about any of it. I'd really like to write about the "Top 200 Church Blogs" list that just came out, and how, out of 200 of the sites listed, only SIX are written exclusively by women. I'd love to write about how sick and tired I am of men thinking they have the corner on theological conversation and issues of faith & church, and how everywhere I turn, women are being pushed out of recognition - even though their perspectives are practical, helpful, uplifting and honest.

I'd really like to write about John Piper tweeting something completely ridiculous (again)- using a tragedy in 1912 which involved the loss of 1,514 lives to make some cheap shot at people who firmly believe that gender equality in the Church is biblically sound - and how over 90% of the people re-tweeting his remarks were MEN. I'd like to write about how that type of polarizing language makes me want to punch a hole in the wall.

I'd really like to write about the word "feminist," and how it's treated like it's toxic in the Church - and how angry that makes me.

I'd love to write about it all, but I won't because I talk a big game then get scared because I hate backlash. I'd love to write about all of these things, but I'm not going to. I fear that there is nothing new under the sun, and all I would do is somehow fuel the fires that I'm so desperate to see quenched.

I feel stuck.