Nish Weiseth


signs of spring.

The transitions seasons are always my favorite. Spring and Fall. The flowers bloom in Spring, the grass turns green, everything all bright and wild. Then the fall comes and the leaves change colors and take up residence on the street and back yards. Both of these seasons are always a time of welcome change for me. It's been an unusually warm winter in Utah. Not much snow, which makes the skiing totally suck not so great. And now, it's 65 degrees outside and I'm in a tee shirt and my back door has been swung wide open for hours. Hubster is out on the front porch with a book and a beer. Rowan has dirt under his fingernails and his nose is all scraped up (again) after a day of playing a little too hard outside. There's also a bruise on his forehead. I have no idea where he got that, either. The pups are knocked out on the couch... the sun soaked all their energy to bark at the neighbors.

And the Ranunculus are here, with petals full of promises.

The biggest change this season actually came on paper, arriving yesterday in my mailbox. There were three little lines where I needed to print, sign and date. Right above those lines, the word "Author" was printed.

I signed a contract with a (fabulous, incredible and brilliant) literary agent yesterday! I am so thrilled and honored to be partnering with Jenni and the team at DCJA.

Changes, indeed. To say that I'm excited is, quite possibly, the greatest understatement of the century. See also: TERRIFIED. I am so passionate about this book I'm preparing - about the message that I truly believe has been gifted to me. Can I do it justice? Can I articulate it well? Will I totally screw this up?

I've never seen myself as a real writer of words, but rather as a steward. Shaping them, crafting them, growing the words that have been given to me, so others might feel deeply connected & not alone.

Can I steward this message well? Pray that I can, friends. Pray hard.

Now who wants to babysit this cute and hilarious little boy? I have a book proposal to to write.