Nish Weiseth


Life in Utah: Introduction.

The most common question I get asked, whether its at conferences, talking to friends who don't live here, or in emails from readers is:

So, what's it like? Living in Utah?

I get why they're asking it and I can't blame them. Utah is weird, man. It's beautiful and unique and the mountains are unrivaled. Downtown SLC is thriving, we're the host of the most influential film festival in the country, and the weather kicks ass.

But, it's not without its quirks and very interesting personality.

So, I thought I would spend the next few days offering up my experience with living here in Utah. My experience is not unlike a lot of people in the city, but when the rest of the state is considered, I'm in the minority. I'm a non-LDS Christian. So my entire encounter with living in this state is outside the scope of being a member of the largest & most influential organization here. I'm kind of an outsider in Utah, so my perspective will always be through that lens.

The hubster and I moved here for a very specific reason: To be a part of a church plant in the downtown area of Salt Lake City. This provides its own dynamic as well. And no, we didn't move here to "save the Mormons." Whatever that actually means.

I'm also a mom. I know a lot of you aren't parents yet, or even married. So that changes things, too.

All of that to say, the only perspective I have is my own. It's not comprehensive and the only person I can represent is myself. So don't take this as some sort of Last Word on life in Utah.

I have a ton of things I'm planning on addressing, but I want to hear from you: What's something you've always wanted to know about Utah or Salt Lake City? Anything I can answer, chime in on, or research, I'm happy to do that!

Fire at will.