Nish Weiseth


friday tunes for you.

I have a rather intense post waiting in the queue, and I'm just not ready to hit publish yet. So, I'm gonna let it sit through the weekend and see how I feel on Sunday night. But in the meantime, I figured we all need a good dose of great music every now and then.


First up is one of my favorite vocalists singing one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. Sara Bareilles sings "Little Lion Man" from Mumford & Sons. You're welcome, internets.

(Fair warning for those who have never heard this song: The F bomb gets dropped in the chorus.)



Then next, we have my friend Josh Rosenthal (he's the worship/artists dude at my church) with a sneak peak at a new song off his forthcoming album, "All We Can Do." The whole album drops on February 29. Make sure you take a moment and listen.



What are you listening to this weekend?