Nish Weiseth


face-down in the snow.

We're laid back parents, as I've told you before. We're also kinda gung-ho. The first time Rowan went down the river (yes, rapids included), he was just shy of 9 months old. (Please don't call child protective services, I SWEAR we're always safe and we know what we're doing.) So, now that he's two, we decided "Yes! He's totally big enough to go sledding!"

We got all geared up on Saturday, drove the 25 minutes into Big Cottonwood Canyon and found the hot sledding spot. Kids and parents were everywhere, screams of laughter coming from the hill as kids barreled down, all piled on top of each other.

"Oh this is going to be awesome!" I thought to myself.

Erik dropped his backpack, Rowan was ready to go. We got the sled positioned on the little hill first, and Erik pulled Rowan into his lap... with the little kiddo all smiles. He was so excited! I stood at the top of the hill, ready to cheer him on after they made their first descent.

Erik pushed off, traveled rather quickly down the hill, then stopped.


Then I heard the wail.

I saw hubster pick up Rowan and hold him in his arms to comfort him... I couldn't see much from the top of the hill, but I figured Rowan probably tumbled out of the sled. Which wouldn't normally bother me, but the crying is what set me off. Rowan is a tough kid, he doesn't cry about getting hurt unless he's hurt pretty bad. Like when he bit through his tongue at 16 months. THAT was fun.

I waited until he settled down and made my way down the hill with the backpack. I sat in the snow next to my two guys and then Rowan turned around and looked at me.

Apparently, when the sled stopped, Rowan did not. He kept moving forward and catapulted off the front of the sled, landing on his face into hardpack snow. AWESOME.

I'll be honest and tell you that picture there is photoshopped a bit. I cleaned up his cheek... it was so red, I just can't bear to look it as-is. It seriously looked so painful.

Anyway, we fed him a snack and decided maybe we'd give it another try.

Hubster grabbed the sled and went down the hill, we laughed and cheered him on, hoping that Rowan would see how fun it COULD be when you DON'T faceplant into the snow.

Then we started talking about Rowan going down the hill with daddy one more time, and we got this look:

That look, my friends is the "Are you out of your damn mind?" look. So, we packed up and bailed out of there.

Sometimes you gotta cut your losses and realize that being gung-ho might land you with your kid face-down in the snow.