Nish Weiseth


the simple life - and writing about it.

When I was pregnant with Rowan, I kinda bucked the trends. I didn't read a bunch of books about pregnancy, birth, or even raising kids. I've always had this "come what may" attitude about parenting... and life in general, really. Even though I didn't read much, I did read some. And the first blog I found in my journey was Simple Mom.

I loved how Tsh & her contributors sought out to live a more simple life, so that they were freed to live with more intention.

Hubster and I don't really have a family motto, catchphrase or vision statement... but if we did? That would be it. We crave the simple life. Everything from our spare time to how we spend our money, and how we live in community to how we raise our kid. It's a passion, a heartbeat, and honestly? Something we struggle with, too. It's a daily choice to live simply & intentionally.

So, when I found Tsh and Simple Mom, I was hooked from the first post.

And last month, when she asked me to join the Simple Mom team as a contributor? I was SO EXCITED. Honored, surprised, but ohsoexcited. Writing alongside the Simple Mom team is a dream come true for me in my blogging and writing experience thus far, and I can't wait to jump in.

I'll be writing primarily about getting your family outdoors... and how it's a lot easier than it sounds. I hope you'll join the Simple Mom team throughout the coming year as we share our stories about intentional living.