Nish Weiseth


Where I write.

"Where you do what you do, matters." Bob Goff I've always wanted a writing space of my own. Some place with a window and a view, and a door that closes. A space with an overstuffed chair and piles of books and small areas to light candles. I've always wanted a space that cultivates creativity.

We live in an old house here in Salt Lake City. It's 110 years old, to be exact. The rooms are limited and with the hubster working from home in the offseason, he needs an office of his own more than I need a writing space.

So, I compromised a bit on my writing space. In the landing area, just off the kitchen and next to the sliding door, we plugged in the computer on top of a new stainless steel table. I've always wanted a stainless desk... I love how clean it feels and how it easily reflects light. We perched a shelf on the wall above and I hung some pictures and started to make the space my own. It's not ideal, but its great, and it's starting to feel a bit more comfortable.

I keep my knitting things close by, and I'm trying to gather some pieces for the walls that inspire me. I have so many friends who are artisans and artists, and they've been kind to point me in the right direction. But, Rome wasn't built in a day, so it will be a gradual settling-in.

I keep a few cookbooks up above, along with some necessary resources, like a Bible, a Madeline L'Engle book and Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals. The lamp on my desk is always on. I like how warm it feels and the pink glass feels airy and light. The mug rug that Mandie made rarely sits alone like that... if I'm sitting at the desk, chances are, there's a hot drink there.

And my Kindle is always within reach. We all know I can't leave The Hunger Games trilogy for too long.

So, it's not entirely finished & it still feels a bit empty, but I'm slowly making it feel more like a space I enjoy.

And some days, the desk just won't do. So, I take the laptop and cozy up next to the fireplace with a knit blanket on the couch. Comfort is key sometimes, you know?

What about you? Where do you write?

Any tips on making my desk area a little more cozy?